Staple Removers


MARBIG Staple Remover

  • Traditional, economical claw style staple remover in assorted colours.
  • Features plastic finger/thumb pads with sharp metal claws to easily remove staples of all sizes.
  • Ideal for home, office or school use.
  • Colour(s) - Assorted (randomly selected from stock)
  • Price each 

Welter's Scissor Type Staple Remover

  • Welter's Staple Remover the easiest and fastest way to remove staples.
  • Features unique scissor style grip for effortless staple removal
  • Remove staples easily without tearing paper.
  • Colour(s) - Assorted (randomly selected from stock)
  • Price each 

MARBIG Easy Glide Staple Remover

  • Slimline, pocket size plastic and metal easy glide staple remover.
  • Easily removes staples without damaging your documents; glides easily under staple, then levers forward to lift up staple.
  • Includes convenient finger grip for easy operation.
  • Features a staple retainer to prevent staples flicking off during removal.
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