High Capacity Staplers

High Capacity Staplers are full performance desktop staplers that are purpose built for frequent usage environments where medium quantities of paper need to be stapled together quickly and effortlessly. High capacity staplers have a stapling capacity of between 50 and 80 sheets of 80 gsm paper. These staplers typically have features to assist stapling with minimal ease and effort.


Leitz® 5552 Flat Clinch Stapler

  • Efficient flat clinch technology heavy duty stapler for everyday tasks.
  • Flat Clinch technology results in a reduced staple height of up to 30% compared with traditional stapling methods.
  • Compact design with spring-load technology for easy refill.
  • Metal construction with soft-touch handle and cushioned base.
  • Flat Clinch Stapler. Staples up to 60 sheets of paper (80 gsm)
  • Use 25/10 staples. Staples pack included (1,000 pcs x 25/10)
  • Price each

Rapid S50 SuperFlatClinch™ Supreme High Capacity Stapler

  • Elegant, functional design full performance desktop stapler.
  • The redesigned Supreme staplers now offer even more consistent stapling.
  • The patented SuperFlatClinch™ technology together with the innovative by-pass feature allows you to get superflat results - up to 40% reduced paper stacks.
  • Staples 2-50 sheets of paper with the same staple.
  • Solid steel construction with a full rubber base for precision.
  • Use 24/6, 24/8, 26/6 and 26/8 staples.
  • Price each

REXEL Odyssey Stapler

  • Stylish, ergonomically designed slimline high capacity stapler.
  • Unique handle shape enables superb leverage, to staple with minimal effort.
  • Staples up to 60 sheets with one staple size (65 mm throat)
  • Durable and strong die cast metal construction.
  • Uses specific Rexel Odyssey staples (2100050)
  • 5 Year Warranty.
  • Price each

REXEL Optima® 70 High Capacity Low Force Stapler

  • Unique mechanism means up to 50% less effort than traditional staplers at every sheet count.
  • Flat clinch anvil forms the staple, flat on the back of your document, so documents stack.
  • Durable metal construction. Super fast quick load.
  • Flat Clinch Stapler. Capacity - 70 sheets with one staple size.
  • Uses specific Rexel Optima premium staples (2102497)
  • Includes Free pack of 500 Optima® staples.
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Note: Special Order item (additional delivery charges may apply)
  • Price each