Cork Boards

Cork Boards

Naturally grown cork is a wonderful and renewable resource, the natural choice

Did you know? Cork is naturally harvested from specific oak trees (Quercus suber). The cork (or outer bark) is gently harvested, without the use of any machinery, from the trees when they are 25 years old. The bark regenerates and the tree continues to thrive and grow reaching at least 150-250 years old!

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Communicate™ Aluminium Frame Corkboards

  • Commercial aluminium framed cork boards with stylish rounded corners.
  • 100% natural cork surface over thick 8 mm bioboard™ backing (made from 100% natural fibres)
  • Accepts even the longest pins!
  • Colour coded corners; dark grey and dark blue cover caps, change the colour to suit your decor
  • Concealed mounting (wall screws and masonry plugs supplied)
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically.
  • Note: Additional Big & Bulky delivery charges may apply. 
  • Available in a choice of sizes.
  • Custom sizes available made to order by request
  • Price each