Cloths, Wipes & Scourers


EaziWipes Glass & Screen Wipes Pk60

  • EaziWipes Glass & Screen Wipes offer anti static protection and are a quick and effective way to clean and protect LCD, LED & OLED television & computer screens, glass and mirror surfaces.
  • Specially formulated to cut through grease, grime, dust & fingermarks and leaves streak free finish.
  • Perfect for the office, home or car.
  • Resealable tub of 60 disposable Glass & Screen wipes.
  • Price each

EaziWipes Antibacterial Wipes Pk60

  • EaziWipes Antibacterial wipes offer anti-static protection and are a quick & effective way to hygienically clean & protect Office Desks, Workstations, General Office Equipment, Kitchen & Hardtop surfaces.
  • Kills 99.9% of germs. Specially formulated easily wipe away the dirt, grease & grime of everyday use and leave your surfaces hygienically clean.
  • Perfect for the office, home or car.
  • Resealable tub of 60 disposable Antibacterial wipes.
  • Price each

Microfibre Cloths Pk5

  • Quality microfibre & machine washable cloths.
  • Suitable for cleaning sensitive surfaces.
  • Use wet or dry - no need for chemicals.
  • Cloth size - 40 x 40 cm
  • Pack of 5 microfibre cloths.
  • Price each