The two numbers used in international staple sizing are the gauge of the wire and the length of the staple shank, given in millimetres. A lower wire gauge number means a thicker staple, while a higher shank number means a longer leg.

The most widely recognised standard for staple sizes reads wire gauge/shank length, such as 23/8, for example, where the gauge of the wire (23) is the former, and the shank length (8 mm) is the latter. One example of an exception to this rule is the standardised size No. 10 staple, which is used for mini staplers.

Before purchasing staples, always check the stapler that will be used for a specific staple size that may be stamped inside the cover or on the base. If so, use the manufacturer’s recommendation for the best stapling performance. 

SOVEREIGN 26/6 Standard Staples Bx5000

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REXEL No.56 (26/6) Staples Bx5000

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BOSTITCH SBS19 Standard Staples 26/6 Bx5000

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REXEL No.56 (26/6) Coppered Staples Bx5000

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REXEL No.16 (24/6) Staples Bx5000

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REXEL No.25 Bambi Staples Bx1500

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REXEL No.10 Mini Staples Bx1000

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BOSTITCH B8® PowerCrown™ Staples Bx5000

REXEL No.66/11 Heavy Duty Staples Bx5000

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Rapid No.66 High Performance Staples Bx5000

MARBIG No.23/10 Heavy Duty Staples Bx5000

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REXEL Odyssey Staples Bx2500

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PaperPro™ 25/10 High-Capacity Staples Bx3000

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