Half Strip Staplers

Half Strip Staplers are designed for light duty use. They have a stapling capacity of between 15 and 30 sheets of 80 gsm paper. As with full strip desktop staplers, half strip desktop staplers are designed to be operated on a flat surface. They can be loaded with a maximum of half a strip of staples.

SOVEREIGN Desktop Half Strip Stapler

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MARBIG Plastic Desktop HS Stapler

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SOVEREIGN Metal Desktop Half Strip Stapler

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Rapid Funky F6 Half Strip Staplers

Leitz® NeXXt WOW Metal Half Strip Staplers

Rapid S27 SuperFlatClinch™ Supreme Half Strip Stapler

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REXEL Matador Standard HS Stapler

REXEL Matador Pro HS Stapler

PaperPro™ inJOY 20 Compact Half Strip Stapler

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