Whiteboard Erasers


Artline 577 Whiteboard Magnetic Eraser Cup

  • Stylish magnetic eraser cup offers the ideal storage solution for your whiteboard markers.
  • Eraser cup is magnetic so it's always close at hand and holds up to 6 markers.
  • Supplied with 4 x Artline 577 Whiteboard Markers with 2 mm Bullet tips.
  • The alcohol based pigment ink in the Artline 577 has a non offensive low odour and provides dense bold colours. The unique dry safe ink formula allows the cap to be left off for up to 48 hours without drying out (in controlled tests).
  • Markers are suitable for use on electronic whiteboards.
  • Price each

Quartet® Whiteboard Eraser

  • BEST SELLER. Economically priced whiteboard eraser.
  • Ideal to clean your white board with ease.
  • Easy grip flannel style whiteboard eraser.
  • Plastic disposable non-magnetic eraser.
  • Price each

Quartet® Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser

  • Magnetic eraser will stay on the whiteboard whenever you leave it!
  • Suitable for all white board and chalkboard surfaces.
  • Eraser collects the dust as it erases.
  • Stylish easy grip eraser uses double-sided pads.
  • Eraser complete with 2 refill pads. Additional refills available (see QTMAGREFILLS)
  • Price each

Artline 577 Whiteboard Marker & Magnetic Eraser Combo

  • Whiteboard eraser with an Artline 577 in the handle.
  • The eraser is magnetic to ensure the Artline 577 kit is close at hand and help prevent them being misplaced.
  • The marker is ideal for use on traditional whiteboards, dry erase surfaces and electronic whiteboards.
  • The whiteboard marker has a Bullet point, 2.0 mm nib size which provides bold strokes. Dry safe ink allows cap off time of up to 48 hours without drying out.  
  • Kit supplied with a magnetic eraser and 1 x Artline 577 Whiteboard Marker in Black.
  • Price each

EXPO® Precision Point Whiteboard Eraser

  • The EXPO® whiteboard eraser features an ergonomic shaped comfort grip and eraser pad.
  • Precision point Angled for Accuracy™ design enables easy and accurate partial erasing.
  • Eight-layer felt pad can be replaced when ink builds up
  • Docking station permits convenient storage at board; magnets and double-sided mounting tape included
  • Eraser is supplied with integrated docking station.
  • Price each

Quartet® Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser Refills

  • Refill pads for Quartet Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser.
  • Suitable for all white board and chalkboard surfaces.
  • Eraser code - QTMAGERASER
  • Pack of 6 double-sided refill pads.
  • Price each

Helix® Magnetic Whiteboard Ruler

  • An essential accessory for classrooms, offices, meetings and conference room whiteboards.
  • Magnetic effect enables user to position on board exactly where required. Also stays on board when not in use.
  • Helps to keep written work neat and tidy for improved audience understanding.
  • An ideal size 60 cm rule with detachable handle eraser.
  • Two storage compartments for whiteboard markers and magnets (not included)
  • Compartment size (H x L x W) - 35 x 130 x 40 mm
  • Price each