Glass Boards

Glass Boards and Glassboards

Empowered communication. Enhanced style for your home or office environment. 

Glass writing boards offer a new era of stylish, colourful and 100% stain free communication. The glass surface surface accepts standard whiteboard markers, permanent markers or chalk markers.

Special size? Let us design your custom glass board, contact us to discuss your requirements and your free quotation.


SPACE Mobile Clear Glassboards

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SPACE Mobile White Magnetic Glassboards

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Lumiére Magnetic Glass Whiteboards

Lumiére Magnetic Black Glassboards

Quartet® Infinity™ Glass Whiteboards Frosted

Quartet® Infinity™ Magnetic Glass Whiteboards Black

Quartet® Infinity™ Magnetic Glass Whiteboards White

Quartet® Infinity™ Magnetic Glass Calendar Boards

EDGE LX9000 Magnetic Glassboards

Custom Made to Order Designer Glass Boards

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