Envelope Size Guide

We supply a comprehensive range of quality envelopes. Choose from a selection of sizes in White cartridge or Gold kraft as Plain or Window faced envelopes with a choice of sealing options.

Self Seal (or Press Seal) - Press two layers of adhesive (on both flaps) to seal the envelope without moistening. 

Strip Seal (or Peel and Seal) - Simply peel the tape away from the upper flap and press both together for an instant bond.

Moist Seal (or Lick & Stick) - Moisten the layer of adhesive and close. Lick to seal or use a sponge damper to save you time.

Important: The second size measurement quoted is always the side of the flap where the envelope opens:

For example, an envelope with size 110 x 220 mm will open on the longer side of 220 mm whereas an envelope of 324 x 229 mm will open on shorter side of 229 mm