Rotary Trimmers

Rotary paper trimmers enhance paper cutting safety with concealed blades and they deliver more cutting flexibility.  They are used to cut and trim paper, cardboard, plastic, poster board and material that is longer in length and/or requires greater accuracy.

Rotary paper trimmers are the perfect choice for graphic designers, reprograhic houses, photographers and anyone looking for a combination of convenience, accuracy and safety.

We can supply a full range of replacement heads and parts for most products listed below.

Jastek 3310 Metal Rotary Trimmer A4

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Jastek 4610 Metal Rotary Trimmer A3

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CARL RT200 Rotary Trimmer A4


CARL DC-210N Rotary Trimmer A4

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CARL DC-230N Rotary Trimmer A3

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CARL DC-250 Rotary Trimmer A2

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