A Guillotine paper cutter (or Trimmer) is designed to slice through large stacks of paper in one smooth motion. They are so called because they have straight blades that fall on their targets from above... just like the infamous execution machines used during the French Revolution.

A guillotine cutter is operated by placing the paper to be trimmed directly under the blade and on the surface attached. Once the paper is positioned correctly the blade can be deployed. This is done by manually driving the blade downward to achieve the cut. Guillotines are ideal for high volume paper cutting.

We can supply a full range of replacement blades, guards and other parts for most products listed below.

Jastek 1033 Economy Guillotine A4

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Jastek 1044 Economy Guillotine A3

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Jastek 2031 Office Guillotine A4

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Jastek 2044 Office Guillotine A3

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IDEAL 1134 Office Guillotine A4 (350mm)

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IDEAL 1135 Manual Guillotine A4 (350mm)

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IDEAL 1046 Manual Guillotine A3 (460mm)