Even though Sellotape is a global brand, Sellotape Australia has a separate identity and operates independently. It was introduced in Australia in 1938.

Sellotape offers a range of clear sticky tapes, double-sided tapes, masking tapes, sticky dots, discs and gripping stuff adhesive products.


Sellotape® Double Sided Tape

  • Double Sided Tape is ideal for holding most forms of display and other presentation materials.
  • Polypropylene tape with superior holding power.
  • Acid free - will not yellow with age or destroy photos.
  • Tape contains an easy removable backing strip.
  • Individual roll of tape. Available in 3 different widths.
  • Price each.

Sellotape® Masking Tape

  • Masking Tape is ideal for masking applications during painting and other protective purposes.
  • Crepe paper tape, biodegradable and easily torn by hand when required.
  • General purpose masking tape safe for use on nearly any surface leaving no marks.
  • Individual roll of tape. Available in 4 different widths.
  • Price each.

Sellotape® Sticky Dots Removable Glue Dots Value Pack

  • Clear double-sided peelable glue dots.
  • Lots of uses in the home, office and school.
  • Ideal for temporary fixing and quick to remove.
  • Acid free, lignin free and non toxic.
  • Handy value pack of 1,600 removable glue dots.
  • Price each

Sellotape® Photo Dots Pk64

  • The clear glue dot... that's photo safe!
  • Clear, flat double-sided photo safe, lignin free and acid free glue dots.
  • Fantastic for fixing pictures and certificates.
  • Replaces photo corners, messy liquid glues and sprays.
  • Pack of 64 clear adhesive dots.
  • Price each

Sellotape® Sticky Discs Pk120

  • The quality clear disc... with lots of sticky uses!
  • Clear discs with adhesive on one side.
  • Pre-cut sticky tape circles. Acid free, lignin free and non toxic.
  • Ideal for sealing, gift wrapping and attaching cards.
  • Pack of 120 clear, adhesive 25 mm discs.
  • Price each

Sellotape® Gripping Stuff Memo Strip

  • Gripping Stuff is an innovative self stick adhesive felt product.
  • Removable. Re-usable. Repositionable. Sticks almost anywhere.
  • Ideal for displaying notes, memo, cards without using pins or tack.
  • Individual roll of 38 mm x 2m yellow, double-sided self adhesive strip.
  • Price each