Lumocolor® Non-Permanent Universal Markers

STAEDTLER Lumocolor® non-permanent universal marker pens for use on overhead film and almost all surfaces. Ideal for OHP acetate film, but also a useful pen for erasable marking of most plastics, laminate, glass, glazed ceramics, whiteboards and plastic noticeboards.

The world's first ever OHP pen is the market leader in many countries and is used in almost every imaginable field of application.

The pens are non-permanent with water-soluble ink which dries in seconds with superb colour brilliancy. The water-soluble ink wipes off shiny surfaces with a damp cloth. Available in a choice of 4 nib sizes, each of which is available in 8 colours.

Lumocolor® 311 Non-Permanent Universal S Marker Pens

Lumocolor® 316 Non-Permanent Universal F Marker Pens

Lumocolor® 315 Non-Permanent Universal M Marker Pens