Gel Ink Pens

These rollerball pens specifically use water-based gel inks which contains pigments to achieve a greater variety of brighter colours than is possible in liquid inks. Gel also allows for metallic and opaque pastel colour inks.

The advantage of gel ink is that it glides on smoother and it hardly ever comes out 'blobby' or ugly looking.

BIC® Cristal Gel Rollerballs Bx12

Artline 5570 GELTRAC Retractable Rollerballs Bx12

BIC® ReAction Gel Retractable Ballpens Bx12

Pentel BL107 EnerGel-X™ Retractable Ballpens Bx12

Pentel BLN15 EnerGel™ Rollerball 0.5mm Needle Point Bx12

PILOT B2P Bottle to Pen Retractable Gel Rollerballs Bx10

Pentel BL17 EnerGel™ Rollerball 0.7mm Metal Point Bx12

Uniball UMN-207 Signo 207 RT Gel Rollerball Pens Bx12

Uniball UMN-307 Signo 307 RT Gel Rollerball Pens Bx12

PILOT BL-G2-5 Retractable Gel Rollerballs Extra Fine Bx12

PILOT BL-G2-7 Retractable Gel Rollerballs Fine Bx12

PILOT FriXion Ball Clicker 07 Retractable Ballpens Bx12