A fineliner pen is a writing instrument with a fine fibre (felt) or nylon tip. The tips are generally long and metal-clad to allow use with rulers and templates without bending.

Fine liner pens are ideal for precise everyday writing and especially good for drafting, sketching and drawing. Many people prefer the smoothness and unique feel of the fineliner tip to the more traditional ballpoint pen. Most fineliners are available in a large range of ink colours... Check out the Stabilo Point 88! 

Artline 200 Finepoint 0.4mm Pens Bx12

Artline 210 Medium 0.6mm Writing Pens Bx12

Artline 220 Superfine 0.2mm Writing Pens Bx12

Artline 204 FAXBLAC Writing Pens Black Bx12

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Pentel S520 Sign Pen Fibre Tip Pens Bx12

STAEDTLER® 334 Triplus® Fineliner Pens Bx10